Patch PES 2010 to 2012

                                                         PATCH PES 2010
                                                         season 2011-2012

                                                                             PREVIEW PATCH:

features of TPP 2010:

Konami patch 1.7 compatible
Independent save, indipendet kitserver and indipendent exe
NEW kits season 2011-2012
Kits for referees
Real sponsors for Master League
Used all slots available for the faces
Over 100 new face in Update 2010/2011
Logos corrected for all teams
Logos corrected for all competitions
Replay logos for all competitions
Real Pictures for the Cups
Bootpack with 49 original shoes with Preview, values and correct names
Ballpack with preview and correct names ( INCLUDE 5 AC MILAN BALL )
4 second divisions, Master League playable
8 Under21
22 extra-european teams
160 Classic Players
All Stars Europe and Rest of the World
All Stars Europe Classic and Rest of World Classic
BAL team playable in exhibition, league and cup of community and editable so as to choose the first BAL game as you like
No selectors or any other for the second divisions, just select one team before starting the league and play
9 National teams added ( INCLUDE INDONESIA REPUBLIK )
can play in BAL mode with nationality INDONESIA

when you start a master league, initially you are given the opportunity to change leagues.
At that moment, you must always remember, of change the “Division 2″.
You need to insert in “2 Devision” 18 teams, you can take these teams from “others.”
You should never leave the 18 teams to defoult (2 All Stars + 16 slots empty),
otherwise the master league will not work correctly.
This patch was created to play this “seconds divisions”:
Series B, ChampionChip, 2.Bundesliga, liga adelante
The teams of these leagues will find them in “others”, when you can choose teams for master league.
If you want to put other teams in the second division, for example, Benfica, Ajax, etc., you can do, even if it makes no sense.
Only “the 2 all stars, and the South America teams” you can’t chose.
If you choose a “South American or an all stars”, the master league does not continue correctly.
Guys, in this patch you have 4 “seconds divisions”, and I repeat .. 4 …
You can play the leagues: Italian, English, German and Spanish in a very real way!
Sorry for friends to others leagues.

Credits and thanks:

CristalDarkhoN ( basic OF and Patch )
Ziggy stardust, tuttofantacalcio, ToMMy91Dp, media, zioborgo, Seph UltrasAzzurri 91, Crocco & dario DC_28, SuperHero.

GURURUPA member :
kang metay, onetkun, bakero_133, Ayiep, porskyvic, muhammad onny, all balarupa
and still many people who I can not mention one by one,
I apologize if there is I have not mentioned ..
thank you.


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